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The textured surface of Mosaic gives it a hand-crafted appearance, but it is supremely practical and designed to cope with the demanding environment of a professional kitchen.

The five colourways of Taupe, Blue, Green, Coral and Grey have been chosen to mix and match with Evo and to provide a point of difference on the tabletop.

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Special Price 3MOB583X-595X - TOP VIEW3MOB583X-595X-SIDE VIEW
Special Price 3MOB276X3MOB276X
Special Price 3MOC565X - TOP VIEW3MOC565X-SIDE VIEW
Special Price 3MOC276X3MOC276X
Special Price 3MOG565X- TOP VIEW3MOG565X-SIDE VIEW
Special Price 3MOG276X3MOG276X
Special Price 3MOS583X-595X-TOP VIEW3MOS583X-595X-SIDE VIEW
Special Price 3MOS276X3MOS276X
Special Price 3MOT565X - TOP VIEW3MOT565X-SIDE VIEW
Special Price 3MOT276X3MOT276X
Special Price 3MOB276X3MOB276X
Special Price 3MOC276X3MOC276X